Programme of the 2nd Meeting of the Economic Intelligence African Associations Forum

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI

In the framework of the Open University of Dakhla
the Association of studies and research for development
in partnership with the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation will hold

The 2nd Meeting of the Economic Intelligence African Association Forum

On the theme of Economic Intelligence and Prospective Territories in Africa
In Dakhla, 20 and 21 June 2019


Wednesday 19 June 2019

Arrival of participants.

Thursday 20 June 2019

9h30 : Welcome and registration of participants.

9h30-11h00 :

Official opening of the Forum

Welcoming address on behalf the population of Dakhla

Address by:

– Mr. Mohammed Benabdelkader, the Prime Minister’s Secretary of State with delegated responsibility for administration and public service reform.
– Mrs. Mounia Boucetta, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
– Mrs. Rkia Derham, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade.
– Mr. Khalid Safir, Managing Director of local and regional authorities.
– Mr. Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, Camereoun – Mr. Lamine Benomar, Wali of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region.
– Mr. Mohamed Methqal, Ambassador, Exhecutive Director of AMCI.
– Mr. Driss Guerraoui, President of the Open University of Dakhla.

Convention signing ceremony and award ceremony

– Convention between the Economic Intelligence African Associations Forum and newly-established African associations.
– Convention for the launch of the African capacity building programme in Territorial Intelligence in Africa.
– Award ceremony for the Economic Intelligence research award in Africa

13h00: Lunch hosted in honour of participants

15h00-16h30: PLENARY SESSION 1

Prospective of Territories, an African glance

Moderator: Mr. Driss Alaoui M’Daghri, Former Minister, Founder member of the Moroccan Association for Competitive Intelligence, Morocco

Mr. Alioune Sall, Executive Director of African Futurs Intitute, South Africa.
Mr. Driss Guerraoui, President of the Open University of Dakhla, Morocco.

16h30-17h00: Coffee break

17h00-18h30: PLENARY SESSION 2

African Territories Competitiveness between globalisation and regionalisation

Moderator: Mr. Mohamed Ourdedine, FAAIE Board Member, AMIE Founding member, Morocco.

Economic intelligence, awareness and use by women exporters in Kenya.
Mrs. Carol Muumbi, Venia Marketing. Kenya.

African territories’ Competitiveness between regionalisation and globalization: A Case for Uganda’s Coffee Sector.
Mr. James Rogers Kizito-Mayanja, Market Intelligence & Information Manager, UCDA, Uganda.

Integration of Mauritania into Maghreb Economy.
Mr. Sidi Momahed Abdellahi, Special Adviser, Office of the Prime Minister. Mauritania.

From decentralization to Territorial Intelligence, case of Chad.
Mr. Adoum Youssouf, Vice-Chairman of FAAIE, Chairman of the Chadian Association for Economic Intelligence, Chad.

Comparing competitive and economic intelligence activities of Africa and global developing countries.
Mrs. Nisha Sewdass, Professor, College of Economics and Management Sciences, South Africa.

Addressing Internal Structures for Global Competitiveness.
Mrs. Anne Bake, Manager Market Information, ZimTrade. Zimbabwe.

Competitiveness of Cotton sector in the UEMOA zone.
Mr. Mora Dandagui Sero, Expert in communication, Administrator of portal, Benin.

Field involvement of Competitiveness pole approach: Bagrépôle case in Burkina Faso.
Mr. Souleymane DIARRA, Head of Strategy, Studies and Foresight Division, UEMOA.

Strategic watch practices in the Algerian Industrial Sector.
Mr. Sofiane Saadi & Mrs. Fatiha Naar, Laboratoire en Gestion et Organisation des Entreprises, LOGE, Algeria.

Foresight approach and territorial intelligences practices : Two challenges for the regional development of Chad.
Mr. Mahamat Mahamat Ali, Chairman of Economic Intelligence and Foresight Circle in Chad (CEPIE-TCHAD). Chad.

20h30: Dinner hosted in honour of participants

Friday 21 June 2019

9h30-11h00: PLENARY SESSION 3

African Territories: innovations et digital transformation

Moderator: Mrs. Nisha Swedass, Professor, College of Economics and Management Sciences, South Africa.

M-PESA – Revolution in doing businesses among SMEs in Kenya.
Mrs. Salome Muthoni Mwenda, International Trade Expert. Kenya.

Artificial Intelligence: what impact for Africa.
Mr. Mohamed Ourdedine, FAAIE Board Member, AMIE Founding member. Morocco.

The Territorial development Triptych: Economy, Digital, Population well-being – EDP.
Mr. Mounir Rochdi, Secretary General of FAAIE, Chairman of ThinkTankers.

Automatic summarization for territorial transformation.
Mr. Abderrafih Lehmam, Expert TALN/IA Head R&D / Innovation AIsummarizer SAS. France.

Territorial and Economic Intelligence in Niger: Niamey Nyala and Niger 2.0 programmes.
Mr. Sedou Souley Mahamadou, CEO Impact COM.MEDIA. Niger.
Mr. Moustapha Abdoulaye Boulamine, Vice-Chairman of FAAIE, Economist, expert in CI and Chairman of the Nigerien Association for Economic Intelligence. Niger.

African territories transformation.
M. Nouhoum Sankare, Economist, Commerce and international development, Mali.

How new digital payments are transforming the economic environment in Africa: Case of Cameroon.
Mrs. Caroline Sack Kendem, Chairman Central Africa “Association des Femmes Entrepreneurs”. Cameroon.

Rethinking the territory in the era of digital transformation.
Mr. Kais Mejri, Vice-Chairman of FAAIE, Founding member of the Tunisian Association for Economic Intelligence, Tunisia.

11h00-11h30: Coffee Break

11h30-12h30: PLENARY SESSION 4

Training practices in Territorial Economic

Moderator: M. Mohamed Benabid, Chief Editor of l’Economiste. Founding member of AMIE, Morocco

Lack of Policy on Strategic Economic Information Management in Africa.
M. Devendranath Chamroo, Investment & Trade Expert, CITC Mauritius, Mauritius.

Economic Intelligence and Prospective Territories in Mozambique: Experiences, Challenges and Perspectives.
M. Emilio Jovando Zeca, Researcher, Center For Strategic and International Studies – CEEI-ISRI, Mozambique.

The INTEGRA project for supporting youth in the fight against illegal immigration.
Mr. Mamadou Conde, Advisor to the CEO of the Guinean Export Promotion Agency. Guinea Conakry.

Awareness, training and use of territorial Intelligence for regional and national development.
Mr. Alain Juillet, Chairman of Académie de l’Intelligence Economique. France.

Decentralized cooperation for co-development between the urban city of Sibiti and provincial entities of the Kingdom of Morocco: an example of foresight intelligence.
Mr. Michel Didace Mvoula Tsieri, Vice-Chairman of FAAIE, Adviser in national education, scientific research and innovation to the Prime Minister. Chairman of CAVS. Republic of Congo.

Economic Intelligence and Territorial development.
Mr. Amath Soumare, Chairman of SOPEL International & African Centre for the new economy. Senegal.

13h00 : Lunch hosted in honour of participants

15h00-16h30 : PLENARY SESSION 5

World agendas for African territories development and foresight

Moderator: Mrs. Evelyne Denise Ndiaye Khady, Director of Private Sector, UEMOA

Ethiopia: Economic prospects.
Mrs. Shitaye Lemma. International Trade Facilitation Expert. Ethiopia.

Societal intelligence, an answer to African territorial development challenges in the 21st century.
Mr. Philippe Clerc, Chairman of Association Internationale Francophone d’Intelligence Economique, Special Adviser in international foresight at CCI France.

Mainstreaming Global Development Agenda into National Programmes: Experience from The Gambia.
Mr. Hassan MB Jallow, CEO, Gambia Investment & Export Promotion Agency – GIEPA. Gambia.
Mr. Lamin Gaye, Director, Business & Export Development. Gambia Investment & Export Promotion Agency – GIEPA. Gambia.

Agenda 2063 and development dynamics of African territories.
Mr. Jean Yves Adou, Head of Division: Knowledge Management, Monitoring & Evaluation. African Peer Review Mechanism. Chad.

Imposed Development plans, feedback and what approach to African countries development.
Mr. Samuel Mathey, Chairman of « Fondation Africaine pour l’Entrepreneuriat et le Développement Économique (FAFEDE) », Professor of Economy and Management, Ivory Coast.

16h30-17h00 : Coffee Break

17h30-19h00 : PLENARY PLENIERE 6

Wrap-up and conclusion of the forum

Moderator: Mr. Agbeyome Messan Kodjo, Former Prime Minister, Togo.

Mr. Mounir Rochdi, Secretary General of FAAIE, Chairman of ThinkTankers.
Mr. Driss Guerraoui, President of the Open University of Dakhla, Morocco.

20h30 : Dinner hosted in honour of participants

Saturday 22 June 2019

10h00-11h30: Visit of Dakhla Media Library

11h30-12h30: Visit of the handicraft complex

13h00: Lunch hosted in honour of participants

15h00-19h00: Visit of historical sites and development projects in the Dakhla Ouad Eddahab region.

20h30: Dinner hosted in honour of participants and closing gala

Sunday 23 June 2019

Departure to Casablanca.